The Okeke’s Celebrate in Calgary

This could simply be described as a weekend of maximum triple celebration for the Okeke family in Calgary, Alberta. First, its the 20th wedding anniversary for Dr. and Mrs. Theo Okeke; second, it’s Dr. Theo Okeke’s 50th birthday and third, it’s their daughters 8th birthday weekend. The rendezvous point for the event is the Coast Plaza Hotel and conference Center. The black and white themed pre-celebration event was an active session. The grand banquet at the Coast plaza? Another dimension to interactivity, creativity and entertainment all wrapped up in a single event. The grand finale birthday party event on day 3 at the celebrants posh home was one with a juicy twist as both youngsters and adults where generously entertained. View the chronology of events.

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Photos by Tosan Aduayi  for Trendy Africa Media. Trendy Africa is an award winning media that exhibits a niche at qualitative presentation and professional reporting.+1 903 309 1172

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