Titilola Akinnola Celebrates 50th Birthday in Dallas

DALLAS – Its Official! 50 is one number that is really worthy of celebration. As they say; 50 is the new 40 but the phrase “Golden Jubilee” would always be for 50. The ever graceful and beautiful Titi Akinnola found a worthy cause to celebrate as she stepped out of her¬†private corner to be amongst friends on a cold and windy evening in Dallas.

The evening started out quiet and chilly but ended up too hot to handle as guests turned up in colorful and creatively designed attires to add some flavor to the great celebration. “Kebe” the DJ, Baba Magana the video impresario and yours truly “Trendy Africa” all took care of business professionally.


Photo documentary by Tosan Aduayi for Trendy Africa USA

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