TRENDY AFRICA: Bridging the Cultural Divide

In view of the current age of globalization, Trendy Africa is set to take you through an exploratory journey which ultimately would capture the hidden treasures of a beautiful continent. To this end we, we are determined to carry on the task at bridging the cultural divide through the eyes of our lenses creatively inspired by the East African eagle and by the dexterity of the South American Panther.

Through the years, we have had our fair share of pains, gains, hopes, losses, challenges, surprises, moments of despair, appreciations and motivation but our aspirations and vision have remained intact and original. We have built a simple thought process into a brand.  We have redefined the art of Web based entertainment using a complicated network of ingredients to produce a secret formula. The print edition is rated top quality.

Trendy Africa reports on but is not limited to aspects of life such as human development, finance, Health, Sports, Fashion, Tourism, Personality, Events, Automobiles, Religion, cuisine and daily News.

We have developed concepts such as;

          Trendy for Africa

          Trendy Most Enterprising Africans in America Awards – TEA Awards

          Trendy Africa Grace for Victims – TAGV Charity

          DISCOVER  by Trendy Africa – An Events Vendors search initiative

          QQ “Quick Questions” – an interactive social networking model

          Name Dat “Gele” Headgear: a facebook group.


Our Primary Products include;

 since 2004

          Trendy Africa Magazine since 2008

          Trendy Africa Fashion Xtra 2010


*We are an accredited United States of America Foreign Press Media.


*Trendy Africa is an Official Trademark of the United States Patent and Trademark office.

Our team of adventurous and creative minds would continue to be as dynamic in presentation as possible to ensure that viewer’s satisfaction is guaranteed in 2010 and beyond.

We would create captivating images as always, deliver mind boggling literature and ensure constructive interactive links as a basis for harnessing the world’s culture through the eyes of Africa.

Welcome to the new age of user friendly objective presentation.

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TRENDY AFRICA is an entertainment and educative media poised at creating an interactive and friendly environment amongst users. INAPPROPRIATE comments may be classified.



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