Uneasy lies the Head…

OK, I really need to congratulate myself for finding this moment to create my own blog. Congrats!! Anyhow, it’s the way to go. So friends, you now have the opportunity of sampling a little of my style of expressing issues and dramatizing topics that are related to life.

Let me assume that you have viewed my website http://www.trendyafrica.com/ one time or the other, or have you not?? Without much hesitation, rewind your eyes and follow the link to the underlined site.

You would be tantalized with a different view of Africa. Captivating images, mind boggling literature, eye popping headgear’s popularly referred to as “gele” and all the other juicy stuff.

Uneasy lies the head that wears “gele” will be the introductory topic for this spot. Mind you, the phrase “gele” may be satirical and may be used as reference to so many other things that characterize my life thus far. ENJOY.

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