Victoria Ogun Attracts Dallas Fashionables to her 50th

DALLAS – It all started out at the thanksgiving service which held at the RCCG Judd street parish where the choir on hand erupted into a frenzy of praise worship. That could have been all the party especially with the presence of a snack table after the service; but there was more to come.

Victoria Ogun had also scheduled a birthday reception at the Edo hall which eventually witnessed a capacity crowd. Fashionable Victoria looked really elegant as she made a series of spectacular intermitent¬†appearances to the hall. Her lovely daughters acted like angels hovering around “Mum” all through the occasion.
Victoria may have also scored a first with a series of colorful cakes that spelt her name. All thanks to my 17mm Nikon lens that was able to capture the ambiance of the “edible arrangement”.

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