Vlisco Reinvents Nature: 'Eclat de Nature'

NETHERLANDS – A new fabric collection by Vlisco, one of the worlds largest fabics manufactures has been introduced.  ‘Eclat de Nature’ by Vlisco features a unique interpretation of an unknown world, one that goes beyond nature, where bold colors and an eclectic color palette of intense red and a combination of blue and bright yellow dominates.

Natural elements are transformed into geometric floral designs while at the same time the organic flow is captured, creating an interplay with nature. ‘Eclate de Nature’ is a manifestation of extremes – theatrical shapes and intense colors are combined to reinvent nature, a fantasy world where thoughts wander freely.

For over 160 years, Vlisco has created highly desired textiles that have become part of the vibrant culture of West and Central Africa. Vlisco boasts of having the largest textile factory in the Netherlands which turns out millions of yards of textiles annually. 

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