Washington Roberts Designs Inspired by Nature

 NEW YORK – He left the shore of Nigeria upon collection of his high school and faced with the unique challenges in the USA, was able to create a niche. Welcome to the world of contemporary fashion designer, Washington Roberts.


“My latest collection has been designed and crafted entirely by me. For this collection, photos of beach rocks inspired me. The shape and the layering of the stones on top of one another made me think of drapes. The textures of the beach rocks also induced me combining different fabrics together. Fabrics such silk and wool, silk jersey and Crepe back satin silk.


All colors used were colors of the rocks. I also envisioned that the wearer of my designs, the women who are strong and beautiful as the rocks on the beach, would bring life to the sensuous and colorful creations that I have designed. I hope you feel as inspired by my designs as I have been while creating them.”

From a very young age, Nigerian designer Washington Roberts began the hobby that would later become his career and passion. Born in West Africa on January 12, Washington was raised by his grandmother, Beatrice, a devout seamstress whose influence on Washington would later impact his life and his career. Beatrice’s attention to detail, steady hand and highly coveted seamstress skills were absorbed and practiced by young Washington, who adored his grandmother and watched her carefully. Throughout his childhood and to this day Washington’s grandmother has always been the biggest inspiration for him.

Although fashion was always a big part of Washington’s life, it was never in his career agenda. Washington attended Igbobi College Yaba in Lagos, Nigeria and upon graduation relocated to the United States to continue his graduate studies. While studying chemical engineering, He decided to start designing clothes as a hobby. His first piece was a blazer for himself to wear on his 23rd birthday party. The jacket was a hit amongst the party guests. It was the topic of conversation throughout the night, and a wake up call for the designer who realized that his true passion and talent was in fashion.

In the past few years since his 23rd birthday party, Washington has featured his designs in numerous New York fashion shows, several issues of Hype Hair Magazine and on Envision Style & Substance during NYC Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Washington takes pride in all of his creations and picks the finest materials and the best colors. He designs pieces that compliment the women’s body and accentuate her femininity. He believes all women should try to look their best everyday and for Washington, that does not always mean following trends. “Fashion is about creating your own style, knowing what works for your body. Finding few trends that you like that you can incorporate in to your own style. Women should wear heels everyday and look their best so that they can feel their best.”

Washington believes in the famous Coco Chanel quote “Fashion fades, only style remains the same” and it shows. The Washington Roberts Collection is about timeless style, feminine elegance and class.

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