Who is Niecy Nash?


LOS ANGELES – She’s an actress, producer, comedian, advocate and host of Style Network’s highly successful home makeover show, “Clean House” and stars as the sassy officer Raineesha Williamson on Comedy Central’s hit show “Reno 911!”



With a list of feature film credits which include  “Code Name: The Cleaner,” Bishop T.D. Jakes’ “Not Easily Broken” and the Jerry Bruckheimer produced movie “G-Force,” Nash is living the Hollywood dream.


“I am living my dream,” affirms Nash. “Everything I wanted I have it. I wanted a career in this industry. I wanted fantastic friends. I wanted my hair and makeup done everyday and to eat at fantastic restaurants. Name it. I have been able to live the life of my dreams.”


Despite a lucrative career in television and movies, the 39-year-old Los Angeles native hasn’t always had it easy and has suffered several tragedies in her life including the loss of only brother who was shot on his high school campus. This led Nash and her mother to start up the organization M.A.V.I.S. (Mothers Against Violence in Schools) in his memory. Although she has since retired from that organization, Nash, an avid advocate, works closely with another equally beneficial organization called Dress for Success as an Ambassador and Spokesperson.


“It’s an organization that helps women who are transitioning out of hardships and provides them with different programs to help them get re-established back in the workforce,” she says. “I was asked to be a keynote speaker at a breakfast they gave and once I showed up I absolutely fell in love and have been working with them ever since.”


In the visually dazzling 3D animated movie “G-Force,” a comedy adventure about specially trained secret agent guinea pigs, Nash plays Rosalita, the owner of a local pet store where the pack of animals hide out after a highly sensitive mission fails. Despite a small role, Nash enjoyed being onboard the project which also stars comedian Tracy Morgan, Penelope Cruz and Nicholas Cage.


“Normally I say I don’t work with children or animals,” claims Nash, “but when you have Disney and you put that together with Jerry Bruckheimer you show up. I like things that speak to my sensibility, which is a reason I enjoyed doing this movie.  Things that have a very clear message in them resonate with me and I really had a fantastic experience from the moment I found out about the project.”



Samantha Ofole-Prince is a professional entertainment journalist who frequently covers events in the Los Angeles area and can be reached on sofole@gmail.com


Photos by Derek Blanks



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