09 Landcruiser: not for the faint hearted

The all new and redesigned Toyota Landcruser made its entry into the USA market with lot’s of reservations but with much respect too. Powered by a hefty 5.7L V8 motor (like the one in the new Sequoia), the Landcruser maitains its rugged Chassis which still makes it on top for the off road category.

That special drive to the Arizona mountains could just be a pleasurable one with all the leather hugging seats including the pamper changing third row seats. With all the power to spare, tugging a trailor equipped with cable TV wouldn’t be a bad idea too. Anyway, such trips are not for the faint hearted. So, why spend over $60,000 for a freeway drive on to work in a knotted tie brandishing your bluetooth powered 3G phone; I guess it’s all about power play.

I say use the truck in the way it was built to be used. What’s up with all the bulging lights in front and the clustered dials in dash; the Jap designers seem to be relying on some over active software. Remember the 98 Landcruiser and the 01? they represented.

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