Back to the future with Lamborghini Roadster

There is no doubt that Lamborghini is still the worlds super exotic autombile manufacturer. The Italians sure did a mavelous job at creating mind boggling powerful equipments for individuals with a passion and cash for exotic sports cars.

Below are randomly researched individual comments.

Pros: This car is undoubtebly a lean mean fur pulling machine. I love the styling of the car most of all. I get ewwhhh and ahhhh, all the time.

Cons: Cons well this is any easy one. The thing feels like the nose is a mile long. I’ve owned a dodge Viper before this car and the viper was way more driver friendly. And I had to get my clutch replaced for 11,350.00…I guess I can’t say too much but the car is all about show and go…as far as driving it for any length of time forget about it. This car is uncomfy..

Overall Review: I love all the pimpled headed 15 year olds that post about something they don’t own…Hilarious…”yea its the greatest car there is” Give me a break if this car wasn’t so cool looking or fast I’d send it to the junk yard….But god the Squirls love it. so i do too.

If you can afford it get one its quite fun. However you might grow tired of red light to red light of…”How fast does it go”, “nice car”, “how much does it cost”, “are you married”, However I do like the frequent shirt lifting shots I get…8-)

Engine Manufacturer: Lamborghini

Engine Type: V-12 in 60° vee DOHC 48 valves total 4 valves per cylinder Main bearings: 7 Bore x stroke: 87.00mm × 80.00mm Bore / stroke ratio: 1.09 Displacement: 5707 cc 348.26 cu in Compression: 10.00:1

Fuel system: LIE fuel inj.

Aspiration: Normal

Max. output: 527.2 PS (520.0 bhp) (387.8 kW)@7100 rpm

Max. torque: 580.0 Nm (428 lbft) (59.1 kgm)@5900 rpm

Coolant: Water

Specific output: 91.1 bhp/litre

Specific torque: 101.63 Nm/litre

Performance 0-60mph: 4 seconds

Quarter mile: 12.60seconds

Top speed: 338 km/h

Power to weight: 359.36 bhp/ton

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