Customized Nuptial: The Alade Experience

I sincerely hope that the times are not racing too fast and too furious for me. By virtue of my adopted profession, I am able to experience the epicentre of certain events and sometimes lounge back stage if you know what I mean.

Anyway, the experience at the Alade wedding in Dallas recently was thrilling. The show of class and style was as clear as the blue sea coastline around the exotic south of France. If you have experienced an Aeriel view of Nice, the rich getaway city on South of France, you could literally catch a glimpse of sea creatures as they swim proudly around the bay.
I say proudly because they are lucky not to be around the “Eleko Beach” lake as that would make them instant victims of some hot grill waiting to be consumed by ever merry Lagosians. And whats more; they may end up swimming with “Gulder” or some “Odekuconcussion.
Back to the Wedding. The Bride, Wunmi did something so unique. She actually entertained guests by simulating a fashion show with her bridal train. I thought that was intellectually awesome. It was not your straight jacket kind of event. The cocktail hour was novel. Guests literally had their fill before the main event.
I hope to capture much more of this kind of entertaining nuptials and implore planners to get really original and individualistic in their choice of routine. This was an unpredictable event with lots of trends. You may view photos on and view link on Bunmi and Wunmi Alade.
Andrea Achudume

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