Celebrate Africa

It is imperative that once again in history, we have the opportunity of celebrating Africa and it’s achievement. It’s not about the longest bridge in the world, nor the tallest building in the world. It’s about the spirit of sheer determination, the spirit to conquer and to be the best.

It’s the Nigerian under 23 football team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. They beat Belgium 4 -1 to qualify for the finals against Argentina. Nigeria is poised to go for gold at the Olympics.

This is the opportunity we need to blow some trumpet about this achievement. It is a task for the local advertisers, the local multinationals and the media to get creative at making the most of the situation.

Africa and especially Nigeria has to be on prime time news right now. Football has over the years been a game of unity, one that has brought the most number of countries to a common playing field. The home media has a chance to profile each player. They have a chance to run with the glory and indemnify the coaches and all those responsible for putting the team together.

Screaming headlines should be the name of the game. You can imaging what countries like the USA are doing for every single gold they achieve. Every gold medal is worshipped as an institution with tentacles reaching out to commercial opportunities as well as endorsements. The information superhighways are all screaming at you from all angles.

Syndicated networks are not sleeping. It’s a multi million dollar chance and the least we can do is celebrate. Guy’s lets cheer them to Gold and glorify Africa once again.

Helloooooooo!!!!! we earned the SILVER medal. Great Job Guys!!

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