Medal Counts

Hey, I am sure most of you have been highly entertained by the on going Olympic games in China. However, I need some clarification on the presentation and reporting of the medal counts.

Am I wrong; I thought the norm is that the country with the highest number of gold medals is the leader and should rightly be at the top of the medal table.

Have you noticed the presentation of some Western News media table count? theirs is that the country with the highest total number of medals collectively is at the top of the medal table.

The Olympic official website has a comprehensive medal table that is ranked by highest number of Gold medals. Which is the correct or official medal count indicator??

Stop Press: Nigeria is now on the olympic medal table with bronze medals from the Women’s long jump and the Women’s 4 x 100m Relay. Okagbare Blessing glided through the air with full determination to put her name on the history book of Athletes.
The relay team comprising of Idoka Franca, Kemasuode Gloria, Ismaila Hamilat and Osayomi Oludamola combined to create some thrills as they clintched the revered bronze medal in the relay.
Notice the diversity in the relay team? great stuff. Think about this; the ladies all competed with the world’s best. Don’t you think its worth celebrating?

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