Obama shares concern on Zimbabwe with President Motlanthe of South Africa

Earlier today President Obama spoke with South Africa’s President Motlanthe.  President Obama emphasized the importance of South Africa’s leadership role as a strong and vibrant democracy in Africa. 


The two leaders discussed their shared concerns about the situation in Zimbabwe.  The President noted that South Africa holds a key role in helping to find a resolution to the political crisis in Zimbabwe. 


The President also said that he is looking forward to working with President Motlanthe to address global financial issues at the upcoming G-20 Summit in London in April.


President Obama had earlier in the week sent a message to the people of India. His message released by the White House read; “As the people of India and people of Indian origin in America and around the world celebrate Republic Day on January 26, I send the warmest greetings of the American people to the people of India.  Together, we celebrate our shared belief in democracy, liberty, pluralism, and religious tolerance.


Our nations have built broad and vibrant partnerships in every field of human endeavor.  Our rapidly growing and deepening friendship with India offers benefits to all the world’s citizens as our scientists solve environmental challenges together, our doctors discover new medicines, our engineers advance our societies, our entrepreneurs generate prosperity, our educators lay the foundation for our future generations, and our governments work together to advance peace, prosperity, and stability around the globe.


It is our shared values that form the bedrock of a robust relationship across peoples and governments.  Those values and ideals provide the strength that enables us to meet any challenge, particularly from those who use violence to try to undermine our free and open societies.  As the Indian people celebrate Republic Day all across India, they should know that they have no better friend and partner than the people of the United States.  It is in that spirit, that I also wish Prime Minister Singh a quick recovery.”

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