President Obama Inauguration Photos: A Trendy Africa Exclusive

One of my mentors once mentioned to me that there is a reason why the “agama Lizard” acknowledges itself after a gravity defying fall. Get this, no one will blow your trumpet more than oneself. I hereby present to you photographs captured by my Lenses during the recent inauguration in Washington DC which you would probably see no where else.
In my six years in the United States, I had never experienced the kind of cold that hit me the morning of the Inauguration on January 20th 2009. Armed with a Canon SLR 300mm zoom and a Nikon D90 with a 105mm zoom as back up, I began to capture moments to treasure right from the 9th street hotel were I had parked my National rentals 2008 Toyota Corolla up till the Pennsylvanian Ave parade route.

I was obviously very ill prepared for the sub zero temperatures. Thank God for vendors. I quickly grabbed a pair of gloves and glove warmers to compensate. The four layers of underware did not really do much. For once in my life, I came to the reality that cold causes pain.
At certain moments, the only alternative was to abandon post. A quick glance at the other reporters on the media stand as well as thousands of spectators that lined the parade route gave me strength and renewed hope. I learnt a lot observing the millions of people that gathered in DC to witness history. Resilience was key.
Most of the photos you will view tell a story of people who believe that change is here. The constant whisper of the slogan “Yes We Can” rang in my sub conscious as I clicked away…
all Photos by Tosan Aduayi for Trendy Africa +1 9033 309 1172

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